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Semi Annual Kidsignment Sales

Williamson Co. Pavilion

2024 Spring Sale!!
March  14th, 15th & 16th
10am to 7pm Thursday
Thursday Night Reload
10am to 7pm Friday
8am to 11:30am on Sat!!

For a reminder before each sale text Kidsexpo to 77948

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*.   Cheryl's email address has changed to cheryl@kidsignmentexpo.com
*.  Text Kidsexpo to 77948 and we will send you a reminder with the sale dates and times before each sale!  Post cards will be phased out,  USPS is unreliable.  We plan to send one or two text before each sale.
*.   New Consignor Registration will close the Sunday before the week of the sale.
*.   Thursday Night Reload, 7pm to 7:30pm Bring in those last few items you forgot to price.
*.   Work sort back, earn gold status to shop first at the pre-sale.

*.  Saturday Pick Up.  2-5pm.
*.  Please Limit Your Clothing Items to Your 200 BEST Items.       

No children under the age of the 12 will be allowed at pre-sale.  
*.  Doors will lock promptly at 3 p.m. on Wednesday to  prepare for pre-sale.  No drops offs after 2pm Wed.
*.  No consignors or volunteers will be allowed in building between 3- 4 p.m. on  pre-sale day.

Cheryl Has a New Email Address:


KidsignmentExpo.com's semi-annual seasonal sales events offers great quality clothing for your children at a fraction of the new cost.
At our kidsignment sales you can buy & sell gently worn children's clothing, toys, baby beds, maternity clothes, shoes, boots, children's furniture, games, and much more.

We all know how they grow by leaps and bounds and how most clothing items are worn only a few times.  Kidsignment sale prices allow you to purchase clothing for all your children and not break your budget.

Each consignor keeps 70% of the sale price.  Just think, of all the extra money and space you could have in your closets.  Come out and enjoy the fun.

Email or message Cheryl on facebook to find out more information on how to become a buyer and/or consignor.  

  1. Earn Money Selling Clothes Your Kids Have Outgrown!
  2. Save Money Shopping For Your Kids!
  3. Sell Stuff Without Yard Sale Hassles!
  4. You Set Your Own Prices!
  5. Pre Sale Shopping Fun!
  6. Huge Selection Under One Roof!
  7. Make 2 to 3 times more than at a yard sale!!
  8. Meet New People!
  9. It's Just Plain Fun!!


1.  Do I have to get a new consignor number for this sale?   No.  Your consignor number stays the same from sale to sale.   This way you can price your items well in advance or if you have items that didn't sell, you can take them to the next sale.

2.  Do I still have time to consign?  Sure.  It  doesn't take long to fill out 20 index cards (thats the minimum to consign) of course you won't want to stop at just 20.  I know I need all the closet space I can get.  Just give me a call to get your consignor number.  Of couse the week of the sale we will be at the Pavilion and will not be able to take calls.  Registration for new consignors will close the Sunday before the week of the sale.

3.  Is it worth it to consign?  Absolutely!  Yard sales are great, but some things are just too nice to sell for a dollar.  An event like this brings in a lot of shopping traffic to see your items, all of which are looking to buy great items for their kids.  Not to mention that you can beat the public to the really great deals.

4.  How does a Kidsignment Sale work?  Just click  the "Sale Details" tab above or email, Cheryl@kidsignmentexpo.com 

5.  I have two other friends and we all want to volunteer,  can we all sign up for the same shift?   Most Likely. This is all about having fun, finding great deals and getting rid of the stuff we no longer need.


Don't Forget to Tell Your Family and Friends!!

Forms of Payment Accepted:
Check or
Debit and Credit Cards (small convenience fee per transaction)

Special Thanks to :  EVERYONE that helped during the last sale...

We need your help to make this a successful sale 
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Contact us:  
Cheryl Cummins
1026 Country Club Rd.
Metropolis, IL 62960