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Shop Early Pass!!  Volunteer to work and earn a shop early pass.  We couldn't put on this sale without your help.  We need your help to set-up, run, and tear down the event.  Everyone who volunteers to work will have a special invitation to the Kidsignment Expo Pre-Sale.  This is for VOLUNTEERS ONLY!!!!  So email me or call me today at 618-524-1522 to set up a time to volunteer.  


Gold Volunteer:  Volunteer for two shifts to earn gold Status and shop first at the pre-sale.

 Must be a consignor and consign at least 20 items.  Must have fun, we always have lots of fun.

No Shows:  If you sign up to volunteer and don't show up for your scheduled time, your share will drop to 50/50 instead of the normal 70/30.

Advertising: We are asking all consignors and volunteers to help pass out cards and hang posters at local businesses such as grocery stores, gas stations, day cares, ball games, schools, librarys, etc.  If someone has a place they would like to hang a poster let us know and we can send one to you.  The more the word gets out the more it helps everyone.  

Positions Available

Setup/Check-in:  Help setup racks and tables.  Hang signs and size cards.  Check in and inspect all items for stains, tears, working order, tags in correct form, etc.

Sales Floor:   Help customers, arrange items as needed, re-hang items that fell off hangers, Watch for shoplifters and card swapping (its sad to say but they will steal from anyone).

Cashier:   Needs to have prior cash register experience, be honest, and reliable.  Registers will be balanced.

Check Out Area:   Take off tags, check to see that card description matches item, match # of tags to # of items, bag items, give tags to cashier.

Pick-up:   Return all stray items to thier proper location and straighten all areas.  If time allows sort clothing within each size.  Check out each consignor after they pick up their remaining items.  Look at each item to make sure someone else's is not mixed in with theirs.

Call early:  Limited spaces available for each time slot.

Contact us:  
Cheryl Cummins
1026 Country Club Rd.
Metropolis, IL 62960
(618) 524- 1522